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What They Wrote
"I had a wonderful time with Karen and her team as I was able to push my way to the front to see what the line was about. ...I’ve never seen cakes look so good in all my life. ...if you think these cakes look good in the pictures, please know that they taste better than they look. I know, that’s saying a bit much, I know it sounds like a stretch but I listened to the comments to the other skeptical customers as they would say, 'Oh my goodness that is good'..."
"KarenKay’s Cakes is a cake company created by Karen Roberts in the Washington D.C. area. She uses local and organic ingredients to create her delicious pound cakes, carrot cakes, sweet potato cakes, red velvet cakes, fruit pies, muffins, and scones. Featured [at the show was] the Country Coconut Pecan Pound Cake “The Million Dollar Pound Cake”, created in honor of Karen’s mother. You can order directly from the website or visit them at local farmer’s markets."
Karen was quoted when asked about the benefits of an Incubator Kitchen and how they would help her. “It would be the best thing to happen for an entrepreneur like myself. When I first started my business, finding an affordable kitchen to cook out of was my biggest dilemma. Because I want to take my business to the next level and not only sell at local farmers markets, I need a commercial kitchen to use. I look forward to seeing the first real incubator kitchen in Montgomery County.”
We attend the Friend of Montgomery County Animals Annual Fund Raiser. If you would like to make a donation, please go to Friends of Montgomery County Animals for more information, and tell them KarenKay's Cakes sent you.
Marian Burros - Holiday Gift List
"This is the perfect gift, espeically if you want to pass it off as your own. It looks homemade and tastes like an old family recipe. Old-fashioned, moist orange pumpkin cake with spices, orange zest, and butter with lots of pumpkin flavor is $65 and searves an army of at least 20."
Press The Monkey CageLet ‘em eat cake: Chapter 1, Lee Sigelman on December 1, 2008
"On the Saturday after Black Friday, the Sigelmans trooped off to White Flint Mall. We entered the mall through the housewares department at Bloomingdale’s. Seeking help from a sales person, I approached a formidable-looking woman and inquired as to whether she was working or shopping. Neither, she said. She was cooking. Cooking what, I asked. She said Cake. What’s that you have there in those boxes, I asked. She said [it's a] Million Dollar Cake, and with that she opened a box and showed me the best looking cake I have ever beheld. Wow, I said. That is some cake. The Formidable Cake Lady [KarenKay] nodded and said, You know what it’s made with, don’t you. Yes, of course, I replied. With love. She nodded, and smiled."
Press Daily CandyDailyCandy, August 19, 2008
"You aren’t the type to sugarcoat things. You prefer to leave that to the experts—like the ones at KarenKay’s Cakes.

Local baker Karen Roberts creates simply delicious homemade pound cakes from scratch based on her sister’s recipe. Made with natural and organic ingredients, her goods are a new riff on the traditional treat. Bring a bit of tang to the table with Key lime cream cheese or go for a Southern-style country coconut pecan. She offers seasonal flavors (like pumpkin orange in the fall) and Pound Cupcakes for a single-serving special.

Ship one to a friend or hoard them for yourself. Think of her as your sugar mama."
What They Said
"Now, that cake got some butter in it. We normally throw the cakes we get away, but we eat this lady cakes"
- Steve Harvey, WHUR Radio
"That Lemon Cream Cheese Pound cake, will make you slap your Mama."
- George Wallace, Las Vegas Nevada
"That Sweet Potato Cake is as close to heaven as you can get."
- Norman Jones, Owner Ebony Barbers
"KarenKay's Carrot cake is #1 one. It will make you pull off 95 like I did. Please do not try to eat this cake and drive because you will only be focused on the cake, not the driving. That is not a good look."
- Mark Dennis, Greenbelt, Maryland
"That Carrot cake is like a woman, you gotta have it"
- Terrance Williams, Metro Bus Operator
"That Lemon Cream Cheese Pound cake is the best!"
- Norma Bryant, Silver Spring, Maryland
"Every time I see that pink box, I start to shake. These are the best cakes I've ever had. That Country Coconut Pecan will make you weak."
- IF, Potomac Maryland
"I love that Pumpkin Orange Pound cake the flavors just burst in your mouth!"
- Kefa Cafe Customer, Silver Spring, Maryland
"This is the best cake in the United States" (it was the Country Coconut Pecan Pound Cake)"
- Glover Park Farmer's Market Customer
"With cake like that, you don't need a man" (it was the Carrot Cake)"
- Retired PG County High School Teacher, Rosa Park Farmer's Market
"She put the pound in a pound cake!"
- Department of Transportation Farmer's Market Customer
"It looks like and starts out like a regular pound cake, but then it kicks you. That Lemon Cream Cheese Pound cake is outstanding."
- Fox 5 Camera Guy
"Excuse me people, but I need to pull over so I can eat my Chocolate Chip Pound Cake."
- Metro Bus Operator
Karen Kay's Cakes