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GrannyKarenKay's Cakes, was founded by me Karen Roberts from Panama City, Florida. I started cooking early by hanging in the kitchen with my Granny (Rachael Coral Beatrice Halstead) as she would say it. My Grandfather use to tease me and say "you will follow your Grandma in the river if she went", and I would have. I loved and cherished every moment I spent with my Granny learning how to cook and about life. My Granny passed away in 1992, but she still lives on through her Grandchildren. I inherited her love for cooking, family and dancing in the kitchen.
I moved to Washington to join my two sisters Necie and Norma I started with my sister Necie's sour cream pound cake. No matter how hard I tried to make her pound cake it would not come out right. Then one day, I heard the voice of my Granny, "just do your own thing and remember - no two cooks, cook alike". When I put my spin on the cake, the magic begin.

My next creation was the Country Coconut Pecan Pound Cake "AKA The Million Dollar Cake" is in honor of my mother who passed away in 1995. She was the best, and I miss her dearly. She loved coconut, but she really loved pecans and this cakes has so much of both, that you will wonder if any was left at the store. She would have loved this cake.

I realized after the different types of pound cakes would come to me in my dreams, that these cakes were a gift from God. My sisters often say "you have got to love this" because of the time and hard work I put into my cakes. They are right! Making my cakes, and just being in the kitchen brings me joy. I truly love to cook. I love when I flip that pound cake out of the pan and I pat the bottom; you should see my face it makes me smile just thinking about it.
When you get a KarenKay's Cakes, you are getting a cake that has been pampered like a new born baby. Made with quality ingredients including organic, products from local Farmer's, and most of all LOVE.
You will enjoy every bite - don't take my word for it, order your fresh baked cake today or stop by the Farmer's Markets we attend and see for yourself. Not only will you get some of my wonderful cakes, but fresh produces and other good stuff too.
Karen Kay's Cakes